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Title of the tape is “4U” (for you)..meaning everyone in general, at least anyone that honestly digs the beats that I’ve put up.
There really is no significance to any of the beat tapes I’ve uploaded here. One thing though…If you’re a true beat head and have listened to all of the tapes, you might’ve noticed either I’ve gotten better..wacker..or stayed the same from jump with each release..all of which wouldn’t matter to me, I make beats that I dig with no one elses feelings in mind.
Many many many many thanks to the blogs for the exposure and supporters/listeners…I’m not looking for a huge buzz or anything but the feedback and the possibilities of a good connection definitely helps a lot. Hope y’all continue to feel the vibes that I bring. If you dig what you’re hearing so far, let me know I didn’t make these joints for nothing. Also, on a serious tip…if there’s any veterans out there that feel I could improve on anything, shoot me an email if you got the time.

Been slapping the homie’s craft since day one.. and the craft has improved and my head nod game is up whenever compositions have been created.. Drop a comment if you agree.. Support the artistry!.. ghea you know what it is!..


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