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Lots has been going on in my life recently. Moving out of my childhood home has shown me what is truly means to be an adult. Balancing school, a social life, and music is by no means an easy task, but I’m adjusting as well as I can to satisfy all three. That being said, I would give up my social life in an instant to focus more on music, and that may even have to happen eventually.
Now the album: Keys. As you’re listening to this, I want you to think of each individual song as a key. This key should unlock a mental, intangible door somewhere in your head. Let the music through the door and use each individual piece to analyze yourself in some way. I want each listener to have a different experience. It may be corny, but ultimately it’s up to you.
If nothing else, just nod your head and put this on while you read, or do homework, or masturbate or something.
This’ll be free until I run out of download credits, and when that happens I’ll probably upload it to mediafire so you can all get it for free. All I ask is that you show it to your friends, your family, random strangers, whatever. And if you have some spare pocket change laying around, donate it to me so I can continue to buy records to sample, new equipment to use, etc. (“Fun fact: Persistence and High Hopes have no samples!”)
Contact me if you feel like asking any questions, or saying what’s up, or asking about collabs or anything. I respond to every e-mail. Address is up and to the right.
Above all, just enjoy this album.

Fun Filled Fact..this is project number 14 from the composer…Just fun filled fact if you are now just getting aquainted.. Ghea… Don’t Sleep and Bang this Properly…



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