We haven’t reviewed an album in a while, but after listening to this Vinyl Proxy EP (FREE)…I had to put the word out on this project.

First things first…personally I believe the cover doesn’t do justice to the work inside this album…but then again, if you feel like me…believe that saying “Never judge an “album” by it’s cover.”

Sinitus Tempo


Both Obii and Sinitus are 2 young brothers straight from the DMV…Sinitus handles the production & Obii the bars…together they form an explosive duo, full originality…reminding me a lot of a young up & coming Eric B & Rakim.

The Album:

The EP starts with an up tempo track “The Prologue” ft Alice Russel, setting you up perfectly for what’s coming & gives you a quick glimpse, on what you about to journey through.

This is universal music though, so there’s something for everyone, but the body of work is very consistent…and you can tell from the get go that the sound it’s different form the norm…

Obii Say

Here’s a few tracks that I thought I should highlight (all beats produced by Sinitus Tempo)

Track #4: Obii Say – Prosperity

Only 4 tracks deep and you can start to see clearly the dynamic of this duo…Sinitus Tempo has great versatility on beat production and Obii Say is a deep lyricist.

Talking here about the ups and downs he had to go through to get to this point, he lays a complex history in a very simple manner, closing it by saying: “…don’t call me a rapper, I am far past that I am an activist, you got that…”

Track #5: Obii Say – World Of The Lost

This was the first track I heard of Obii Say, about 2 months ago…and first time I heard it, I found it to be so original and fresh it brought a smile to my face….2 months gone past and still have it on replay…the beat is hard but the lyrics are deceivingly simple…and yet it works perfectly, kind of feel, that if Obii went in deep on this , it would have probably be lost as the beat is so deam addictive.

Track #11: Obii Say – Bandwagon-ers ft Lola Maxwell

The beat on this one is BANGING…hypnotised by the production in a big way, great work once again by Sinitus Tempo…and the theme of the Bandwagon-ers laid out by Obii Say it’s classic. Shows clearly that they are trying to go in a different direction from most. And in todays hiphop scene, where everyone is a “bandwagon-er”…it’s admirable. I salute them for this.

Track #12: Obii Say – Cant Help Ya ft Benji & Lyriciss

Another banger, on this one Obii it’s joined by fellow DMV associates Benji & Lyriciss…Obii puts emphasis that as any good underground artists, he doesn’t need anyone to make it happen…through hard grind and sheer talent, it will eventually happen…

There’s more tracks that I really dig, but for the sake of keeping the review short…I’ll leave it at 4….download the FREE EP….and listen to the rest whenever convenient.


Closing comments:

Personally we truly believe that both Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo, are going to make it big, sooner or later, they have the drive and talent…and as stated on the album they really don’t need anyone else do to it…they have the production and lyrics, they are on par on talent, and complement each other greatly….with a good publisher, Obii & Sinitus will go places.

This is the second EP, that Sinitus & Obii have released…make sure you check the previous work over at Charon Music Group…I’ve heard both, and although I enjoyed the first one it’s easy to see that both artist have progressed leaps and bounds since.

We’ll keep an eye for you all on both Obii and Sinitus for all future updates, but make sure you support them by downloading the FREE Ep, and enjoying the music.

If you have twitter follow them on twitter too..they are cool humble brothers.

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