Last month was a treat; it’s not often in hip-hop music that a month comes along so bloated with big names as it did in May.  Looking forward to June, it doesn’t seem like the brakes are being applied just yet…  (Click the album covers to enlarge)

Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That? – June 7th


Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz unite as a triad to serve up some infectious sounds.  Expect unorthodox rhymes with a side of hard beats.



Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Sequel – June 14th

Eminem and  Royce da 5’9″ put aside their past feuds and bridge the long gap since their last collaboration with this much anticipated album. With two of Detroit’s finest lyricists, the outcome is likely to be historical.…..


Mr. J Medeiros Saudade – June 14th

A plethora of musical creativity gravitating around a hip-hop soul; Mr J. Medeiros’ upcoming album is sure to be everything you want from a good album.



Continue reading to see what else June has to offer…

Random Axe Random Axe – June 14th

Guilty Simpson, Sean Price and Black Milk have been keeping us all hooked over recent months with their hard rhymes and banging beats. Fans of the respective artists should be excited, fans of all three should be restrained.……………….


Blazo Colors Of Jazz – June 18th

Poland’s jazzy hip-hop instrumentalist extraordinaire returns.  It’s been a long time for fans of Blazo since his debut release back in 2009, but the wait is bound to be worth it.




Grieves Together/Apart – June 21st

Uniting with long-time collaborative beatmaker Budo, Grieves drops his third album  stated to explore the bond music creates across geographical and emotional  distances.




Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun Monumental – June 28th

Following an increasing trend of late, another legendary collabo is set to rock the end of the month in the form of Monumental.  With artists like this synonymous with the golden era you can expect a gritty mosaic of beats and  rhymes.…………………………

Wu-Tang Clan Legendary Weapons – June 28th

Fans of Hong-Kong cinema will immediately have the Shaw Brothers ’82 classic come to mind with Wu’s forthcoming album.  Going from strength to strength in recent years, the Clan is set to unleash more dark beats and lyrical dexterity with Legendary Weapons.



Shabazz Palaces Black Up – June 28th

Every now and then a breath of freshness floats along.  Shabazz Palaces could be such a thing.  With track names bordering on full sentences and a distinct lack of choruses, it’s apparent convention isn’t on the agenda; trivia to some, pretensiousness to others.  Black Up is potentially the album set to divide listeners this month.



Also expected (but not solidly confirmed) is De La Soul’s Art Official Intelligence III.  Be on the look-out for continuing coverage, updates and reviews, and if you feel we’ve missed anything, drop a comment below.


WIB Review Team

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