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I make no apologies for saying that this guy is one of the most amazing producers I’ve ever come cross. His beats are psychodealic, mellow, so perfectly crafted and original, every release the guy comes out with just blows my mind. It’s quite difficult to explain, he still works with the fundamental principles of Hip-Hop production i.e. loops and nice drums but they are selected and flipped in such a way that they sound like nothing else. Very nice.

Oh and actually one of the tracks on here, ‘Easy On Yourself’, was used for the WIB Compilation dropped yesterday, which you can remind yourself of here. Mark Aubert was very happy for me to use it pre-release so I must give that a mention and express my thanks. It was just a quirk of fate that both were released on the same day.

Also with this release you can buy it in cassette format. Which is highly recommended.


Check out our previous mentions of him here.

Mark Aubert: TumblrFacebook • SoundcloudBandcamp


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