It is hard to believe that Tyler’s ‘Yonkers’ video dropped just a lil over a year ago. Since then Odd Future have totally blown up beyond, I’m sure, what they ever imagined. In such a short amount of time anyway. Best part about them is they still remain just as they were, despite the constraints put on them with legalities and contracts and pressures from labels and the responsibility they now carry as recognised public figures. Lyrics which mean ‘I don’t give a ****’, nutty videos, insane live shows. They nuts but you know they got alot of artistic integrity, which is kinda rare in artists who make it big. We see people lose it all the time. And that to me is what makes OF so good.

Anwyay this is the follow up to the first Odd Future release, released way back in 08. The first official OF studio album too.

BUY The ‘Odd Future Tape Vol. 2’ HERE

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