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Alright this album came out a few months back but I only just heard of it (and not many other people have from the looks of it). It’s by a dude called Fumihito Sugawara (stage name Fumi-hito), a multi instrumentalist hailing from Hiroshima, Japan. It’s a mainly live instrumental album with a bit of spoken word, the dude believes in the instruments more than vocals. But man, it’s good. A blend of funk, hip hop, jazz, soul and traditional Japanese folk, with great production and a nice track to track flow. He’s not well known but this album deserves alot of hype in my opinion, a brilliant debut album that will appeal to lovers of hip hop for sure and hopefully encourage him to give more. Give it a listen on Bandcamp all the way through.

Fumi-hito: BandcampMyspace


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