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(Black-Tokyo) All spawns from digging for samples and drums and music & art are my life/hobby/job and creativity is what I live for. I can’t say what I make will be liked or unliked but I can say it’s 100% original. I hear things different then most people when creating, so If it doesn’t catch you at first let it soak and give it another spin. There’s a method to my madness so I hope you enjoy

Man the homie has been up in the lab and that means Diggler gotta catch up with the dopeness, but all in all, hes back Ladies and Gentlemen and this time, Introducing an collaborative project with Black Tokyo on the compositions and Skott Phree on the wordplay spray… This “Rusty Gems” project should not be slept on and is nothin but a rare gem… Ghea bang this properly tho!… BIG SHOUT OUT TO BLACK TOKYO FOR HITTIN’ ME UP!.. WIB GOT YOU HOMIE!!


DOWNLOAD “Rusty Gems Ep” on BANDCAMP Click Here

Black Tokyo: Twitter


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