Add-2‘s newest release  “The Secret Life Of Blacks” is a profound look at black life through various lenses stemming from pain, joy, and everything in-between. The emcee takes the listener through an emotional musical journey of epic proportions as he details life through the eyes of his black kinfolk. Backed by Jadah Arrington‘s solemn, jazz-infused backdrop, Add-2 brings us closer to the mix with his smooth flow and crystal clear verbal imagery.

The visuals directed by Cam Be takes the theme of the song to the screen and captures the black experience using portrait and landscape photography styles. Also keeping to the profound nature of the track, the black and white aesthetic truly augments the spirit of black life in America in the year 2020.

Add-2’s “The Secret Life of Blacks” is a snapshot of black life in America in 2020. Inspired by the works of Gordon Parks, Roy DeCarava, Moneta Sleet Jr. and other legendary black photographers.

Stream or Download “Jim Crow The Musical” here and purchase Limited Edition Vinyl here.


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