Emerging rapper Adam et al makes his entrance on our site with two singles that show us a glimpse into his life as a young 20 something year old trying to find his way through this cesspool of life.

“Chasing the Casket” is a soul sample-driven track ripe with triumphant horns and a punchy drum arrangement that blends perfectly with Adam’s feel-good demeanor and insightful lyrics. He takes us deep into the mix of the action where he reflects on his various tribulations. From balancing social mobility, the never-ending student loan, and his own mental health.

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The second track “Somewhere I Can Exist” is built on a dreamy and ethereal texture and punchy drums. Adam comes through with an energetic chorus and verses that dwell on the dark times and how he overcame it all with a positive mindset. He details the struggles and pain of a young man in this world where problems never stop.

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