Mr Aaron Cohen is not taking any pit stops in this rap game as he drops another brilliant set of visuals for the spacey cut ‘L.E.G. (Lust, Envy, Greed)’. Visually this is pretty trippy, simple and engaging; another solid outing for the Inner City Kids member.

“L.E.G.” DIRECTED by Bertrand Touchard (INDAPROD), off Aaron Cohen’s NEW EP ‘You Wouldn’t Know’.

Make no mistake about it, we’re all in the game to get a piece of that pie. Whether it’s materialistic goods that  satisfies out tastes, or the respect we get from others, we’re chasing after something, regardless if we’re the
established boss making bank or the street wise soldier just starting out. A look into our most indulgent vices, “L.E.G (Lust, Envy, Greed,)” the latest video from NYC ‘s Aaron Cohen, illuminates that very insatiable desire to have the world in our hands. The video has the Inner City Kids member doing his thing as shots of some of life’s finer things are infused between Cohen’s unorthodox flow and the spacey, sparse production that accompanies the visuals. The 2nd video from Aaron Cohen’s You Wouldn’t Know EP, is now available via SoundCloud and AudioMack (instant download). Check out the video, but make sure you don’t fall prey to the riches.

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