Louisiana-based lo-fi producer 620 the Broker shares some tracks from his stash.

“Numbers Game” is the first one and it’s a bright synth-driven trap beat. The layered textures are quite nostalgic to some extent and the drums are punchy as well.

Get “Numbers Game” on SoundCloud.



The second beat here is titled “Flow Beautiful” and it’s a somber piece ripe with airy synths and booming basslines layered over crunchy trap drum grooves.



Get “Flow Beautiful” on SoundCloud.

620 the Broker, a Louisiana-based artist, is shaping the Lo-Fi music scene with his keenly nurtured talent and impeccable touch. He leads 620 Production, the exclusive production team for Black Excellence Entertainment, headquartered in Louisiana. Despite being new to the music scene, 620 the Broker has mastered the art of fusing jazz, chillhop, and other eclectic sounds to create mellow music that tells a story even in the absence of words. In a world full of chaos and distractions, his growing collection of Lo-Fi tracks and 24/7 YouTube Live Stream Channel, called, “Lofi Louisiana” is timely and best suited to help you focus on the most important things in your life, be it studying for your exams or preparing for a work meeting or meditating. For instance, his track, “Amazing you”, would be the perfect background music to set the mood for a candle lit dinner with a loved one.

Originally from Delaware, 620 the Broker enjoys the entire process of creating music and the impact that his final product has on him and his fans. His musical journey has been a whole different experience from his previous phase of life, where he served in the Airforce for 26 years in honor of his country. In an unconventional musical path, he is relentlessly pursuing his passion for music with an undeterred zeal.  Going by his grit, passion and output, this dynamic artist is not about to stop. He flaunts a Lo-Fi music portfolio of over 30 tracks, available on all music streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer and YouTube. Among his popular tracks on Soundcloud include; Unspoken words, Count on me, Dirty Rice, Favor, Love love, among others.


Keep up with 620 the Broker | SoundCloud: songwhip.com: Twitter : Instagram

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