60 East shows the power behind a father’s love on his new single titled “Summer’s Song.” He gifts his daughter the song as he details their relationship from the time she came into this world 5 years ago. Over the solemn reflective backdrop, we see him talking to his daughter and reflecting on the ups, downs and drastic changes that have occurred in his life since her birth. Giving a nod in his 2nd verse to West Coast Legend Xzibit’s classic song “The Foundation”, which was on the same topic, he may be letting us know where the inspiration for the Song came from.


“Summer’s Song” is also a precursor to his The Freeway Series Vol. 3: Traffic Jam, which is a collaborative project with Producer and Youtube sensation Curtiss King. The project marks the 3rd installment of The Freeway Series, an EP series the Artist has been releasing since 2014. The EP will be released on February 6th, 2020.

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