Queens by way of Detroit emcee/poet, Motown Priest returns with a powerful new single, “Farewell to Welfare.” The hard-hitting record is built on a menacing and gloomy backdrop made up of dark textures and rousing drum breaks and throughout the duration of the track, Priest proceeds to unpack the song’s main question with the refrain: “How much is a dollar worth?”. He sure breaks it down nicely with a vivid lyrical display that shed light on the many ways people employ to try to escape poverty.
“Farewell to Welfare” is available now through all major DSPs with Motown Priest’s new album, Hawthorne, set for release on vinyl in an emerald green colour configuration via GetOnDown.com on April 7th, with the digital release planned for an April 14th release, all courtesy of O’s Circle in partnership with Brick Records. A short film of the same title—which serves as Priest’s directorial debut—is set to drop the following Friday, April 21st, and utilizes several of the albums cuts as the film’s soundtrack.


Stream Hawthorne on all DSPs here.

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