The metal face one has definitely got some hardcore fans and followers and it is such individuals that have come together to create this savoury project. The project is a collaboration of 18 producers world wide joining together to pay homage to the one and only MF DOOM. These 18 producers chop and screw the same samples King Geedorah himself used and bring it to a new space musically. This project is part beattape and part remixes but you really need to plug in to digest it properly and really enjoy the way these 18 producers fan out over Doom. It definitely is no coincidence that the project is called The World Meets Doom as all 18 producers hail from different parts of the world. Respect to the people at Ugly Pitch Records for putting this together and below are the names of the minds behind the collective pieces of instrumentals. If you see a familiar name then holler or better still get familiar with the ones you do not know about.

Sqreeb, The Sidelife, GrandHuit, LMN8, The SOULutionCheak, Tha Silent Partner, Reckonize Real, Fléau, MuzoProdKooL MaT, GooMar, Costa, Skull, Areski, KVNB, 4e Régiment, Aspect Mendoza

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