“Now-Again Records and What Matters Most present two short films based on the recently released Seu Jorge and Almaz album by Brazilian singer and actor Seu Jorge. The films star Jorge and were directed by Kahlil Joseph.

Part Two coming soon…”

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The first – a one-take affair that follows Jorge as he weaves through a cliff-side mansion in the Hollywood Hills – showcases three cover songs from the album (Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves The Sunshine,” Martinho da Vila and João de Aquino’s “Cirandar” and Kraftwerk’s “The Model”) and features the members of Almaz (Lucio Maia and Pupillo from stalwart Brazilian band Nação Zumbi), producer Mario C and keyboardist Money Mark.

In the second film – an extended riff on “The Model” which will premiere on in late November 2010 – Jorge expresses to an unseen and – besides subtitles – unheard therapist the contents of a recurring dream: a woman – a model – taunts and arouses; comforts and scares; perplexes and completes him. He longs to return to slumber, to meet her yet again.

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