Napoleon Da Legend taps into Dilla’s Last Donut Of The Night instrumental and delivers a passionate verbal blitzkrieg. Aptly titling the song Sacrifice, we get to hear and see NDL in his element in the video.
 “…Society trying to marginalize and modulate me, to homogenize me, word to Ronald Isley, I’m the mind of a Dalai Lama mixed with Muhammad Ali …
 Sacrifice is off his latest project called “Steal This Mixtape ” which you can get HERE. You can also get it via Audiomack as well.
Steal This Mixtape features a slew of instrumentals that NDL self-admittedly “stole” from some of his favorite artists. In addition to Dilla, you’ll hear music from Quantic, Madlib, RZA, Onra, Buckwild, and many more, along with speeches from Martin Luther King and Marcus Garvey, among others. The 19 track project is now available for both stream and download, courtesy of AudioMack.
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