We have fun with hip-hop here on a daily basis.

I know that I had a lot of fun mixing live on the radio last week. I just had to play the Thesis Sahib track “Serious Fun” to hammer home that fact.

I hope you enjoyed catching the show live, or that you will enjoy this podcast version of it.

Word is Bond Rap Radio is Having Serious Fun!

KIV – Wake Up
Dex Amora and Goldenbeats – Jam Session
Ecylse – Enlightenment
GZA – Paper Plate
Murs ft Phonte – The Animal
Brian Burns – Tell Em
Thesis Sahib – Serious Fun
Homeboy Sandman – It’s Cold
Job Corbin ft Relic and Eternia – Without You
Constant Deviants – Plata O Plomo
Eyedea and Abilities – One Twenty
Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill – Audobahn
Eaton – City Lights
Aesop Rock – Get Out of the Car
Johnny October and Box B – In the Tall Grass
Kurlz and Chief – Worry
Big K.R.I.T. – Sticks and Stones
2ylite Tha Titan – Live From the Underground
Kool Krys – Beauty on Parade
J. Murph – Clint Barton
Alpha Faction – Creative Control
Planet Asia and DJ Concept – Gold Vases
Tajh Shani Evans -The Process
Drwn and Spencer Joles – Amori Again
Stateovmind – State Your Name
Transit – Tan Line
Tom Green – I’m No Comedian
Masta Ace – 3000 Avenue X
Jared Xavier – Weather the Storm
Atmosphere – Flicker
Mastermind Alliance – The Trench
Warpath – Know the Ropes
Josh Miller – Soul Provider

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