After close to a dozen years in hip-hop, several albums and EPs, and a slew of great performances, Animal Nation has decided to call it quits.

Here is the announcement they made on Facebook.

Animal Nation FB post

It reads like a short rap verse with an invitation to download their entire discography for only $1.20.

I already owned most of their material, but decided to jump in and get all of it for that extremely low price. Why not?

I interviewed the band about a year and a half ago and was really impressed with them. I am sorry to see that they have hung up their microphones, drum machines, and headphones.

I knew that I had to kick off last week’s episode of The Word is Bond Rap Radio program with a small tribute to Animal Nation. It is my way to smile and wave at artists that are still with us and to show some appreciation of what they have done.

We start off with six in a row from the band

I Owe I Owe So Off to Work I Go (2011)
Headphones, Drum Machines, and Beats (2013)
Keep a Light On (2015)
Wooden Roller Coaster (2009)
She Wears Her Demons on Her Sleeve (2010)
Brush Your Teeth (ch-ch-ch) (2011)

and then we get back in to the mix and cap off the first portion of the show with one more from Animal Nation.

Work / Laugh / Work (2011)

This two hour mixset also features . . .

Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock This Funky Joint
Word Problems -Problematic
Blueprint and Aesop Rock – Tears of a Drone
Ngajuana ft Cyanide Spit – Wake Up
Cquel – Fifty Four
Lee Reed – F*&@ Ya
Divo and GMJ – The Game Needs Me
Torae – Entitled
Jared Xavier – Back and Forth
Typewriters – Black Flies
OC from NC – Hghr Prpse
Torae – Override
Cymarshall Law and Mr Joeker ft Eternia and Homeboy Sandman – We Go
Eaton – Riddles
T & J – Let the Sh*t Jump
Arrested Development – I Don’t See You at the Club
Masta Ace – Young Black Intelligent
Brian Burns – Beautiful Pain
Malev Da Shinobu – Fading Flaws
K-os – 21st Century Schizoid
QuarterCrytallus G.O.L.D. – Machine Gun Tongue
Copywrite – Last Time
Constant Deviants – Fuklinski
Havoc and The Alchemist – Maintain
Freestyle Fellowship – Hot Potato
Fu-schnickens – Props
Beastie Boys – Get It Together
Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill – Fashion Plate
Onyx – Turndafucup
Reks – Premonition
Treacherous Three – Feel the Heartbeat

Thanks for listening!

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