Jonathan Emile‘s Where We Go From There continues the string of singles released from his latest body of work. Switching the sound to a more youthful, somewhat dark and incredibly thumping, Mr Emile delivers his message across whilst avoiding the cliche preachiness and often boring methods.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

Two thousand and sixteen has been a great year for Jonathan Emile. He kicked it off with ‘Movement Music‘ and ‘Reception‘ (both from his 2015 debut ‘The Lover/Fighter Document LP‘), followed up with ‘Viva Fidel!‘ and ‘NDA‘, and now he delivers his fifth single (and video) for the first half of the year, ‘Where We Go From Here‘.

Once again directed by regular collaborator King Richard, the visuals capture the deep, vivid emotion that Emile injects into the haunting, minor key-fuelled instrumental (courtesy of Toronto via Japan’s Dandeezy). Jonathan’s lyrics – channeling equally his socially conscious and more aggressive sides – perfectly complement the ebb and flow of the moody synths and 808s, while the proclamation in the chorus ties all the elements together in a memorable piece of art that truly represents the current dilemma of modern man.

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