Vice Soulectric taps King Magnetic to help him complete the homage cypher over a 9th Wonder backdrop for his final single. The single aptly titled “Respect the Legends” sees both emcees namedrop legendary spitters like MC Lyte, AG, Kool G rap, Slick Rick and many more.


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“Respect The Legends” is timeless, raw Boom bap from Vice Souletric and guest King Magnetic, who pay homage to the greatest to ever do it on the final single off Vice for President 2. And it’s only right that they’re showin’ love over one hell of a slapper from the legendary 9th Wonder.

In addition to being one of the albums standouts, the track also highlights Vice’s versatility on the mic. Whereas preceding singles “Return Of the Black Man” and “Stayin’ Out the Way” tackled social issues and technical abilities, respectively, “Respect The Legends” is an honest look into what makes Hip-Hop so amazing. It may be one of the youngest genres in music, but it’s already birthed a number of unmovable giants ranging from Big Daddy Kane, to the late Sean Price, to Kendrick Lamar (all of whom get shout outs, among many others).

Vice also gives proper attention to Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, and other gifted female emcees before ethering any dude who thinks otherwise: “Let me spell it out like Aretha/ Brothas probably mad because they can’t give them the urethra.” Ouch.

Vice’s new album, Vice For President 2: There’s No Tomorrow Til You Wake Up is due out Feb. 26 through his own United Grind imprint.


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