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de la soul

De La Soul Smash Kickstarter Target For New Album, First In 11 Years

Under 48 hours ago De La Soul made a Kickstarter page to fund their first album. The trio, responsible for albums such as 3 Feet High And Rising and De La Soul Is Dead and widely regarded as one of the most classic hip-hop acts of all time, presumably made this decision so they can continue the independent route they’ve taken [&hellip

jay electronica

Jay Electronica Live @ KOKO Reviewed

Let me make an opening statement: Jay Electronica’s gig in London on Friday is one of the best I’ve ever been to. For me, what makes a performance is not, say, the technical skill of the performer explicitly (although it feeds in to the whole thing) but the energy that fills the room. So, for a [&hellip

Noah Vinson

Noah Vinson Announces The “Illusion of Inclusion” March Mini Tour + Project

After dropping ‘Dig Deeper‘ last December, Noah Vinson is back on his grizzly with the announcement of a mini tour and a  whole new project titled Illusion Of Inclusion. Check below for more details. Continue Reading


The Movement Fam – Get A Tour Up Ya! (regional Ontario Tour 2015)

The Movement Fam are on the move and this time around, they are taking the bull by the horns. Teaming up with Toronto’s Digital Junkie, the duo head out for regional Ontario on their latest tour Get A Tour Up Ya!  I need not reiterate that y’all should go see ‘em do their thing live. Check [&hellip

peanut butter wolf stones throw

Listen To The Three Hour Stones Throw Special On BBC Radio 1

I used to listen to BBC Radio 1 constantly when I was young and growing up with music that I now appreciate bangs with a funky wave of nostalgia, before I turned 14 and my taste twisted to indie and alternative rock. These days I find myself listening more than ever, to their insane essential [&hellip

DJ Premier

DJ Premier In Japan Showcasing His 5-Piece Band!

Japan is going to get live and funky tonight, now that DJ Premier has entered the building. Preemo is currently on tour in Japan for 3 days doing six shows in Tokyo and Osaka at Billboard Live, from the 28th, 30th (tonight in Japan), and the 31st! These shows are going to introduce his new [&hellip

j dilla donuts

Someone Put Together A Video For The Entire Length Of Dilla’s Donuts

This is cool. A Youtube user by the name of Houston Loves J Dilla has put together a video for the entirety of J Dilla’s Donuts made out of an assortment of clips. Already one of the greatest albums of all time – period – it’s always nice to have an excuse to revisit it, especially when it’s as [&hellip

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