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WIB Rap Radio – Owning and Collecting Music

Souls Of Mischief – There Is Only Now

WIB Rap Radio – Rakaa Iriscience Interview (of Dilated Peoples)

Algorhythms – EELRIJUE (EP Review)

WIB Rap Radio – Baba Brinkman Interview

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Wake Self – New Mexico 

New visuals from Wake Self hit our shores in the form of his tribute ‘New Mexico’, a heartfelt song dedicated to the hometown where he started. A perfectly crafted piece of work which shows us  beautiful sights from the aforementioned state, you can find the track on Wake Self’s sophomore LP Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake.

Sit back, enjoy the music and soak in the visuals.

One of New Mexico’s most popular performers, Wake Self, is pleased to unveil his latest music video for his well received single, “New Mexico,” as featured on his sophomore album, Good Things..

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(09/03) Souls Of Mischief: Meet & Greet +more in Los Angeles!

This Wednesday, Souls Of Mischief, along with Adrian Younge and some special guests will be signing autographs, having a Q&A discussion, and more at Younge’s Artform Studio in the Little Tokyo/Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Get there early while you can before the space gets crowded.

And while you’re there you can purchase your tickets to their album listening party taking place at the Mayan Theatre on Thursday night.

Q&A starts at 7pm.

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Sinoptic International – Pure Dopeness Vol​.​12

Sinoptic International presents us with the 12th instalment of Pure Dopeness. There’s little I can add to what I’ve said about the series already, but keep an our out for RONIN BEATS and Karavelo’s contributions.

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Georgia Anne Muldrow – Pop Iconz

The uber multi- talented George Anne Muldrow pulls no punches on her new cut ‘Pop Iconz’. In less than 2 minutes, she breaks down the formulaic, sugar coated  main stream themes which is now common place. Far from sounding preachy or bitter, she instead presents her case in form of a public service announcement.  Simple, though provoking and straight to the point with bars from start to finish.

I swear “Kaleidoscopic crack dealer’ should be the word of the month!!

Hit the play button and learn something.


When Georgia Anne Muldrow surveys the musical landscape, she’s left wanting more.  It’s not..

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Hot Record Société – Vol. III: Lá Vem A Onda | Hot Record Société

Here I bring you something released earlier this summer by Canadian label Hot Record Société. This is actually something I found via bugseed, a familiar name, who sampled the opening track in his latest beat. Anyway, Vol. III: Lá Vem A Onda is a lengthy compilation 37 tracks long so I only just found time enough to listen to it today, and it really is spectacular. It’s great mix of productions and live stuff, featuring artists from all across the globe. It achieves an eclectic experience, and you can download it for free (or contribute a little) via their Bandcamp.

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Numatik – Sharks, Sheep & Sharp Teeth

Emcee Numatik drops his debut solo release Sharks, Sheep & Sharp Teeth on label Roots Of Society; 14 tracks of pure musical bliss that keeps the listener enthralled from top to bottom.

Tune in and get with the program.

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J’Von & Ackryte – chinst[rap]

Sometimes you come across a track so good it becomes all you listen to for days; the only song on your playlist, the only song on your iPod. ‘chinst’ from J’Von and Ackryte is one such tune. It’s such a funky flip from Ackryte, a virtuoso in samples and chops, while J’Von brings his playful, intense vocals to the table (seriously, he has a touch of DOOM about him. He’s an awesome MC). The duo come flying like a two-footed drop kick, and to make things even better this a track that was actually cut from an upcoming release on, I..

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