If you have been sleeping on Yaielle Golden, you might need to do a rethink because of many reasons which will be stated here. First of all, she is more than an excellent vocalist/songwriter for someone her age, she produces and records herself, and lastly, she is a great singer (I just had to state that again so I won’t be misconstrued). She recently put out an EP titled P.S. Then Came Summer and also shared some choice tracks from the project with us so let’s dive into it.


The first track on deck is titled “Someone You Would Know”  is a midtempo love-laden track that captures Golden’s deepest emotions about an unidentified individual who she hopes to meet up with once again. Armed with her characteristic angelic vocal tone, Golden takes the listener deep into her world as she details a summer love that seems to be blossoming but the future is a bit uncertain. The self-produced track is pretty solid and has the warmth and bounce of classic neo-soul tracks we love from the smooth chords, silky guitar riffs, and enthralling grooves.

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The second track ”Make Believe” takes a different approach with its dreamy soundscape and hip-hop elements infused delivery. Golden taps into her love for rap and delivers emotional verses with her laidback soft vocals as she explores the dynamics of being in love. I was quite surprised by this approach but then again Golden makes it sound natural and organic with her effortless flow and vivid lyrics. She, however, switches back to the melodies we know her for towards the tail end of the song.

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