Anyone who has followed Word Is Bond regularly over the last year and a half or so will know we are huge fans of wun two; just click here to see. He always serves up the niceness with his beats oozing with jazz, drenched in legato, smooth samples and loops, laced with emphatic snare. Simple, but outstandingly effective, his beats never fail to warm the cockles of the soul. ships just follows on from his legacy. The beats here are maybe less outlandish than his previous effects – there seems to be an effort to be a little more conservative and minimalistic – but the full album is just a delicatessen of sweet Hip Hop. wun two definitely leaves an impression.

Unfortunately you’ve missed the boat with the limited edition cassettes made by Urban Waves (luckily I got there soon enough, I didn’t want to chance that wun two would release another physical), but this beattape is still available to download for free – well, name your price – from Radio Juicy’s Bandcamp.

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