I will always raise my revolutionary hand up for emcees that tow the conscious rap path. I say this because consciousness of mind, self and environment is the path that rap came down from, but unfortunately pop culture has since overwhelmed the genre. This is why it is important to give respect to anyone who is still bold enough to walk this route. Wordsmith definitely has impressed me with this song, the lead single from upcoming album Blue Collar Recital. The video is not the greatest pictorial out there but it does good to capture the context of the struggling middle class man out there and in the same vein he doesn’t glorify the American dream. I particularly like how he throws himself out there for people and fans alike to get the reality of most upcoming rappers and their struggles (Govinda Collective as directors deserve accolades for the clean pictures).  Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and buying a house on a hill with an Olympic size pool, but the truth is everyone looks forward to the next pay-day just to get by and that’s where Wordsmith is coming from with ‘Living Life Check To Check‘.

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