Canadian indie rapper Wordburglar takes us back to the 90s way before Netflix and online video streaming. The days of Blockbuster and other countless video rental stores that added some form of joy in our youth. The rapper takes it from a very novel angle here, he says movie renters must have some type of rental patience in the situation where they couldn’t get a movie they wanted to watch because someone else has rented it first and the store has no extra copies. Thinking back now just makes me wonder how many times that happened and we would have to crawl back to the store days later just to acquire the film.

The Nathan Boone directed video puts the rapper in an institution where he talks about his rental addiction to other patients as a form of therapy. This is pretty interesting and very engaging all the way.

His thoughts on the video:

The idea for “Rental Patient” sparked when I was babysitting my niece, picking out a movie to watch online. It dawned on me that she would never know what it was like to wander through a dingy video store after school, eating stale popcorn while fumbling through boxes, hunting for something cool to watch because the movie you originally wanted to see was already rented. Not being able to watch a video because somebody else is watching it struck me as pretty hilarious, but it was just a fact of life when I was her age. If you were a movie fan in the age of renters, you had to have rental patience – and the song pretty much wrote itself from there.


“Rental Patient” is the first single from Wordburglar’s 6th full-length album “Rhyme Your Business” available now.

Sept 1 – TORONTO, The Rec Room
Sept 9 – TORONTO, The Baby G
Sept 13 – KINGSTON, Overtime
Sept 14 – OTTAWA, Bar Robo
Sept 20 – CALGARY, Broken City
Sept 22 – EDMONTON, The Rec Room South
Sept 28 – VANCOUVER, The Anza Club
Oct 5 – SASKATOON, Black Cat Tavern
Oct 12 – ST JOHN’S NF, The Ship Pub
Oct 13 – HALIFAX, Menz & Mollyz
Nov 3, SARNIA, Refined Fool
Nov ??, TORONTO, Handlebar
Nov 23, MONTREAL, Foufounes Electriques
Dec 7, LONDON, Old East 765

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