As our regular readers will know, we at WIB have been huge fans of DJ pHiLLy’s Trackside Burners radio show for a good minute now, he tends to supply that good for us true-schoolers, steadily hitting the hip-hop highs with precision.

Here is a little something pHiLLy has prep’d exclusively for us, we here at TheWordIsBond proudly present DJ pHiLLy’s D90 Sessions, the July edition, bringing back the good old days of cassette mixtapes. This is side A, 45 min (one side of a 90 min tape, more on the way) mix of content recently featured on our site, a summary of some stuff you might have missed chopped with some of that pHiLLy wizardry all in 1 take. Tracklist soon-come, so if you digg a track, you can hit our back catalogue of posts or just drop us a comment below.

Features excerpts from Prose’s Phat Tape on the intro, and a snippet of our Kool G Rap interview towards the end.

A huge thanks to DJ pHiLLy for reaching out yet again, for the constant stream of fresh ideas & for all the hard work put into these mixes.. We’ve been blessed bigtime!

DJ pHiLLy:
Email: [email protected]

•J• &~peacelove

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