There is a transitional period for the genre of music we called underground…In the mist of all composers and emcees, there are always some that are ahead of their time, and that time is now, so wether it’s in lyrical format or constructing in the transformation of sound…What we have hear are a army of composers headed for your speakers and what you are about to do is step into the “AstralBasement”… 17 producers to keep your mental shifted.. So in conclusion to my thesis of the evolution of music. We, The Word is Bond presents…”Astral Basement Vol. 1: Projections”…Teaser…Continue to read further.

The Word Is Bond hooked up with the “Astral Basement” to bring you the freshest creations that grow underneath the surface.. As it states…”The joints in this teaser are from only about half of the Astral Basement members. The rest will shock yo ass on 12.22.12, get ready!” This information is factual… What you are hearing is only half of the members goin’ in!.. “Projections” is 2 part instrumental release..SO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T SUCCUMB TO SLUMBER!!.. Keep US locked for further more heat for that ass!!.. The Astral Basement are Viktorstone | RND1 | nappychan | Khepra | Eets | hEaDbAnD | B3NBi | sleepy eyes | Arthritis | illusive | daisy cutta | [csd] | EqualStatus | ebé | phedee | special – k | Weirddough



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