Wiz Khalifa featuring The Weeknd or the other way around…? Anyone who has heard even a minute of both these artists’ sounds can tell this track has The Weeknd written all over it. The Weeknd, who recently just signed a deal with Universal Republic Records, is quite picky about his production styles and what you’re hearing here is all him. I had several discussions with friends about this signing for I’ve been following The Weeknd even before he dropped House of Balloons. He made it a point to remain mysterious and underground and did a damn good job at it. However, I can be the first to understand when one wants to get paid for all the hard work. As soon as I heard the news he signed to a label, I had a feeling he would begin doing collabs like this. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Khalifa for his lazy flow and easy raps so I’m really not thrilled this being the first collab after The Weeknd’s big deal. Is this the start of The Weeknd running with the fame and fortune? Probably, sometimes you can’t blame them, but the disappointment definitely remains.

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