Fresh off the heels of his seventh studio album, Western Promises, Wildcard returns with a stunning love anthem, “The Scorpio Element,” featuring vocalist Justin Cohen. Backed by C-Lance‘s sombre piano-driven backdrop, Wildcard reflects on his experiences with the matters of the heart and how heartache, emotional trauma and pain have jaded him. It’s the kind of narrative that can only come from someone who’s truly lived it, and you can feel that in Wildcard’s bars, like when he raps: “It’s easier for me to rap than go and face my fears.” Justin then comes through with his distinct vocal runs as he shares his pain on the chorus. Wildcard’s father, and frequent collaborator, Ric “Pops” Andrade closes out the song with a bluesy, evocative guitar solo.

The track serves as the first of 12 monthly zodiac-themed singles.

“The Scorpio Element” is available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Wildcard’s Quality Music imprint.

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