Ta-Ku is an amazing producer and beatsmith from Perth, Australia. Today, he blesses us with an exclusive forty-five minute mix. In this hour long episode, he also talks to Chase March about his extensive catalogue of work, the importance of vinyl, and how producers are an essential part of hip-hop music and culture.

Tracklist after the jump

Intro by Chase March & 5 min Interview with Ta-ku

Cosmo Gets – ARK 280
Lewis McCallum – Fly Or Die
M-Phazes – James Blake Flip
Whooshie – Jennifer Lopez
Athalia – Black Rainbows
James Ireland – Eggrolls
Ta-Ku – Build
Kit Pop – If I Could
Adi Dick – Spacedust
Gonzo – Anyway
Amin PaYne – This One Is For Dilla
Killer – Vagabond
Galapagoose – Milkwood ft. Panorama
Paper Plan Project – Always
Ta-Ku – Mahal feat Chet Faker

10 min Interview with Ta-ku & Outro by Chase March

100% Australian talent.

WIB Podcast # 7 Ta-Ku Mixset and Interview

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