WIB # 49 – Mad Dukez Interview by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

Here is the interview I did with hip-hop artist Mad Dukez just before he took to the stage opening up for Blueprint on the Deleted Scenes Tour a few months back.

We had a great discussion about hip-hop, music education, literature, positive lyrics, the writing process, and his upcoming album with Canadian producer Fresh Kils.

“Fresh Kils is a really dope dude. . . We got the chance to see each other for a show for Atherton in Toronto at Sneaky Dee’s. So, at that show, Fresh Kils, my homie Tone from DTR, and I are listening to stuff I’d been working on and Kils is loving it. He says, ‘Okay, let’s take it further.’

We start to build this idea and it’s loosely based upon The Great Gatsby. So that piece of literary work inspired us to move forward with the music and to come up with something really cool sound.”

Mad Dukez hails from Buffalo, New York but regularly comes up to Canada for shows and to work with the great hip-hop talent we have north of the border. He has a couple E.P.’s and mixtapes out that you can get from his bandcamp page.

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Enjoy the show!

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