One of the most hardworking & dynamic producers in Hip-Hop today is Boston bred Statik Selektah. Selektah, who is coming off the release of his latest album, Lucky 7, hit the web recently with a laid-back banger we would like to share with you here on The Word Is Bond. An incredibly potent, loose track titled “The Curve” featuring participants Westside Gunn, Conway, Your Old Droog & Termanology. Also, not to be overlooked and assisting on the song with bass guitar is Harlem inhabitant Brady Watt.

The cut leads off with the duo of Conway & Westside Gunn, both by way of Buffalo, New York. Trading bars back and forth and finishing each other lines as if they shared the same cerebellum. Reinvigorating, in similar fashion to the one-two combo punches of Tek & Steele, Billy Danze & Lil’ Fame, Rae & Ghost or even Jadakiss & Styles P. Emcees that may or may not of influenced their approach. If you’d like to judge for yourself please refer to the Hall & Nash EP or their most recent effort, Griselda Ghost.

Followed by the pair is the Coney Island enigma who is known as Your Old Droog. Who weaves almost effortlessly throughout the infectious guitar stabs injected by Statik Selektah. And who I must say, takes full advantage with his delivery style over the bass line provided by Watt’s. The chemistry no surprise here as Droog was a guest on two tracks off of the Lucky 7 compilation by Statik, “Hood Boogers” and “Wall Flowers” featuring Termanology.

In reference of the Puerto Rican kid with the guns that look Italian. In the cleanup position is Termanology. Who, does not fail to keep attention of the listener with his vigorous intensity. Listen as the Beantown native flows.

“I’m Young Vito running numbers and stealing rugs

Half a brick on the table in all dubs

My hands all stiff from the razor and all numb

My click them Boriqua cats that stab thugs

My whole team Cypress Hill fans we blast muggs”


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