Straight out of the west side of Chicago, IL comes Weasel Sims who share some songs from his catalog.

The first cut “Blood Diamonds”  has a reflective and soulful texture and sees Sims in storytelling mode. From the impassioned performance and vivid lyrics, he takes the listener deep into his life and introduces us to all the characters and situations involved. It’s quite graphic and well-crafted

The second song is titled “Jim Carrey’N ” and flips a familiar sample in an interesting manner. Sims once again showcases how profound his pen game is, he describes various events that occur in the streets he is raised in. He also gives a glimpse into his work ethic and how he keeps it a hundred from start to finish.

He founded R.A.N. (Real Artist Network) to promote his music and market other artists he collaborated with frequently in Chicago and Atlanta. He continued to release music with numerous projects in his repertoire including songs with Vic Spencer, Chris Crack, GLC, ChaseTheMoney, and longtime collaborator Jae Haze.

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