This track by Weapon X is the first single off his forthcoming album “The Side Effect Of Hunger”. His story is one that is devoid of a miracle. After walking away nearly unscathed from an automobile accident that could have easily have left him dead or severely injured, Weapon X was inspired to write this song out of his newfound motivation to put action behind his words. ‘Be About It’ represents a mind state to go out and put words into action, and to stand behind what you represent as an individual. It also serves as a warning to those who would stand behind a facade of an image: at some point you may be forced to back up what it is that you put out to the world. The interview style visuals which was shot and directed by K Dot King, is Weapon X sharing his cheating death but being even more purposeful with journey and existence. Now that is word to the wise. Enjoy the video but also make sure to connect with Weapon X on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The track can also be streamed on Apple, Deezer and Spotify.

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