Michael Stewart, Eleanor Bumpurs, Philip Pennell…those were the names on that PNB Clothing Line “Hello My Name Is” Tee that was created over 20 years ago. They were the names of people like you and I who were slain by police brutality. That tee was so important for so many reasons. First, the tee was synonymous with what the PNB brand represented… it was thought provoking, socially conscious, and about dope street art. Bottom line, PNB believed “There’s a reason for us to be here”. The other reason that tee was so important was because of the socio-economic climate. There was so much going on, people were trying to figure it out, the crack era hit us hard, people were trying to find jobs in a failing economy, hiphop was emerging strong with this anti-establishment de facto, and the police were shooting at us with aim left and right. We were dropping like flies. WW


Fast forward, here we are in September of 2014 and I felt the urge to do my own rendition of the Hello My Name is Tee. Today, the socio-economic climate is ill, people can’t find jobs, racial profiling is at an all time high, and legislatively, our rights are being taken from us. Our young people of color are being slain by the men in blue and protected by a justice system that is hiding behind skewed laws, with a global landscape that is in dire straits. Think about it, today’s climate and the Jim Crow days seem one of the same. Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, DJ Henry, Eric Garner, Michael Brown…the list goes on, we could still be in the early ‘90’s, ‘60’s or before that. Since I’ve been born and far beyond that, this has been the constant narrative. When does it stop? Ferguson set the chain reaction that has brought a global outcry and outrage. Every time our history has experienced any change, there have been those who were willing to make a sacrifice, take a stand by making their own world uncomfortable. Thank God for that. Right now, it seems that we are in a state of “apathy”. I’m not sure if this is because we feel paralyzed, there is a sense of despondency, (or speaking in general terms) we’ve thrown in the towel and are in a state of acceptance, but a change has to come soon. We’re moving backwards at an alarming rate. We need to STOP THE VIOLENCE within our own communities as well. They’re has to be collective movement with a proactive spirit, accountability to injustice, and unity in our voices and actions. This is a human rights issue. I’m not pointing fingers, but we have to do better. I’m praying that the MASSES pull together and WAKE UP.

By the way…I am aware that there are those working hard and I am eternally grateful and thankful to the many freedom fighters and organizations that are on the battlefield everyday. (too many to name)

Special #Salute #Respect to #PNB #Homage #Tee

If you are interested in supporting this cause you can purchase a Hello My Name Is Tee at www.walkerwear.com 50% of all proceeds will go to the Dream Fund in memory of DJ Henry.

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