Wow,  I don’t even know where to begin but I gotta completely give it up to New Jersey native, Voli here. The Clark University grad’s debut LP (which he will fully released later this summer) is so reminiscent for me of Mos Def’s The New Danger album for it’s noticeably alternative style. Both step out of the standard hip-hop sound bringing us an eclectic mix of hiphop, rock and neo soul. Though his sound is undeniably his own, I’m about to go a little crazy with where I think he’s drawing inspiration from. I’m getting some Kid Cudi in Villian, a lot of Kanye in Sound of Love, some John Legend in All the Same and definitely some J. Cole (who is in fact featured on the LP in Sound of Love) in Leap Year & Missing Sun.  He raps, he sings, he produces….Get in line ladies! We got ourselves a really under appreciated, multi-talented artist here.

Unlike other hiphop artists who rap AND sing (or think they can – Chris Brown/Drake), Voli’s lyrics will capture your heart by how sentimental and real they are:

“...ain’t it funny how success is so often confused with money – tell me, why they chastise the girl for being book smart and terrorize the boy that would rather play dolls than football – we celebrate normal and demonize different – we lead by division – deceive by religion…” – All the Same

We all know you won’t get that from Breezy or Wheelchair Jimmy, I mean Drake. Enjoy.


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