Japanese born, LA based producer starRo remixes “Vise le haut”, a colorful and vibrant collaboration between  VivaOla, Wez Atlas, and Jua.

This remix comes a year after the release of the original version, starRo sure raises the ante and gives it whole new energy with pulsating basslines, lush textures, and an undeniable groove to match the energies of the rappers and the smooth melodic chorus courtesy of VivaOla.

Stream “Vise le haut” on all DSPs here.

VivaOla is a R&B singer-songwriter and producer. He is a member of Solgasa, a music/art collective based in Tokyo, Japan.

Jua is a rapper and model born in Hawai and raised in Kyoto (Japan). He is of Japanese, French and Camerounian origins.

Wez Atlas is a hip-hop artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He is also part of Solgasa

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