Emcee/singer Maura and producer Fred Red team up to bring us this soul-gripping piece titled “Role Games” and its accompanying visuals. The backdrop Fred Red crafted is pretty alluring and is multi-layered with ethereal sounds and obscure lush elements that really engulfs the ears and soul. Maura, on the other hand, approaches it with a very carefree but engaging style as she really taps into her emotions to deliver the heartwarming piece. She adds that the song is about the wish for romance in a post-romantic era and the agreement between people to play roles and be imitate like lovers from the old Hollywood movies.

The self-directed visual was all done by a labor of love. The shots were taken by mutual friends who handled the cameras while Fred Red did the editing all by himself. With no planned storyboard, they went for a more spontaneous vibe while taking the viewer to some of their favorite places in their neighborhood.

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