adidas Originals – Spring/Summer 2010adidas Originals celebrates 60 years of Soles and Stripes

Thought I’d take a minute to give adidas the well deserved props for all the efforts they have been putting towards pushing Hip-Hop/Urban Culture to the masses….

They are one of the very few companies that is pushing artists, athletes, and celebs to celebrate their style & be original, and I really appreciate that. Adidas have been the underdog on this sneaker game, for the past decade or more, but I’ve always admired them, as they always seem to really grasp the felling of the trend they are portraying, and always do it in style….the collection that I personally like the most is “adidas Originals”….where hiphop/urban culture is clearly the main influence, and the ads (Above) with respectable MC’s & artists from the industry just make it that much better and indeed “Original(s)”

adidas has been attached to hiphop 1983, started with Run DMC/Superstars and it has been a joyfull relationship since then.

adidas Superstar is till this day my favorite shoe, in my view, there’s no other more simbolic of the hip-hop culture…they represent all the elements of hiphop going back to the had Run DMC, Rock Steady, and everyone in between in Wild Style.

I think we need more of these ads/promotion…to really show how awesome this Hip-Hop culture is, and to allow people to see that Hip – Hop is now officially part of the world culture, and no longer a niche market. It has a positive message and also to showcase how far we have come since 1983.

Thanks to We Stole The Show for the ad


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