Peace everyone…hope you are enjoying the daily updates and fresh music we bring you all everyday, all day.

Exciting news today, as we have a new member on board the WIB family. It gives me great pleasure to welcome fellow blogger, and writer extraordinare Carminellita to the WIB fam.

Marion AKA Carminelitta has been blogging for some time now, and her gift for written words is exceptional…she does some of the best interviews and reviews around.

Pay a visit to her blog to see what we mean:

Carminelitta is going to be in charge of Interviews here on WIB. We never had someone dedicated to the interviews category alone, and it’s a great pleasure to have someone so experienced in charge.

Thanks ever so much for your readership…and as the brother Diggler would say: “We are Ziplocking the Post Game”


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