From this post forth I declare any throwback/classic movie related post to be appropriately named ‘Movie Classics.’ I say ‘this post forth’ but it’s actually already been done on my ‘City of God’s Son’ post, but we won’t count that. So you can rest assured if you see the ‘Movie Classics’ title above a post, by clicking ‘read more’ you will be enlightened or taken back to a time of a classic Hip Hop-related big/small screen release. As with the ‘City of God’s Son’ post, this won’t necessarily mean the content it’s self is centered around a particular classic film or video. Instead it can be just a passing reference to certain actors or films that relate to the general theme of the post.

Bottom line, make sure you check such posts out for some obscure and background info on some certified Hip Hop inspired gems of cinema.


{EDIT} I recognise the over-use of the word ‘post’ in this write-up, synonyms for the word ‘post’ will be thoroughly researched and noted. That is all.

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