Peace everyone…hope you are enjoying the daily updates and fresh music we bring you all everyday, all day.

With summer now knocking at the door, we are going to ramp up things a notch or two, we have a whole lot to unveil over the next few months.

For now two news, that are important…first the bad news.

WIB Forums:

After much effort from everyone in the team and specially Lork (the forums administrator) we’ve decided to halt the forums for now, as the community hasn’t been growing for the past 2 to 3 months, it has stalled unfortunately. It’s a shame really, as everyone here on WIB are all intelligent hip hop heads, with a whole lot to say, judging by the comments dropped and coversations on our Facebook group. But fear not, as the forums will be in pause, and hopefully we can rekindle that light, at a later stage.

We are “Pausing” the forums this weekend, so feel free to drop a last comment…WIB FORUM

now the good news…

The Underground Chronicles:

After 2 months of no Chronicles, we thought it was only right to come back with a bang….and although I can’t really tell you right now who’s featuring on the next month’s chronicles, I am sure everyone will LOVE it. And by the sound of it, it will definately take the level of the Underground Chronicles up a  notch or two.

I’ll announce this mysterious host next week, and we will also start next week, meanwhile you can check our previous Chronicles and get familiar in case you don’t know

That’s it for now…but as mentioned, keep your eyes peeled, as there’s a lot to look out for,and we are not just sayin…we do have A WHOLE LOT in store for ya’ll.

As always, thanks ever so much for your the support and readership



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