We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Teleph0ne Call – “Under the sun”

Argentine producer Teleph0ne Call brings back the sport of summer on his new release “Under the sun.” It flips a salsa sample and layers it with a smooth drum break and alluring texture to match.
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Skill Syrup – “Alprazolam”


Skill Syrup‘s new release “Alprazolam” is a laidback and relaxing beat that is made up of orchestral elements. the drums are soft too and definitely exudes the easy-listening vibe. He adds that it was inspired by his friend who struggles with Xanax addiction




LXXPZ – “Sweatpants”

UK producer LXXPZ makes his mark on our list with the experimental funky track titled “Sweatpants.” The track is quite moody and the layered sounds are enthralling. “Sweatpants” is taken from his new EP beat tape Volumed 2.
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Solar Body – “Odds and Ends”


Emerging producer Solar Body delivers a smooth reflective piece titled “Odds and Ends.” A fusion of lush guitar riffs and nostalgic textures that culminate in a soothing vocal sample on the chorus.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Right Diagnose”


Ogi feel the Beat shares the last track “Right Diagnose” from his new EP It’s a Culture. The track is jazz infused with warm basslines, lush guitars, and a neck-breaking drum arrangement.
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NICO.x3 takes us deep under the sea with his uplifting and water themes track titled “AS ABOVE SO BELOW (SEAWORLD BEGINS).” He makes good use of nostalgic and multi0layered sounds like warm keys, xylophones, and sublime textures over sparse punchy drums.
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Heston Brioche – “Entre”

UK producer Heston Brioche is back on our list with this awesome soothing beat titled “Entre” He blends soft lofi keys, basslines and head-nodding drums to craft the perfect study beat. It’s the 3rd track taken from the new Heston Brioche EP entitled Viewmode.
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MilkMan Beats – “2 The Top – Instrumental”


MilkMan Beats delivers some anthemic beat on our list with his new release “2 The Top – Instrumental.” The track is lush and crisp and I can hear any MM music artist on it. The synths are heavenly and the slow build-up and warm basslines work perfectly over the punchy drums.
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Nick Wolf – “Growing Up”

Producer Nick Wolf’s”Growing Up” is a somber and reflective track that will surely hit the soul. From the laidback drums and melancholic strings, Wolf delivers a heartfelt piece perfect enough for our list.
The final single from his forthcoming project Artifacts.
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Pale Male – “Time to leave”


Austrian producer Pale Male comes through with “Time to leave” a track that blends different genres from soft rock, downtempo, and hip-hop. The somber strings, lush textures, rumbling drums, and heavenly guitars are well arranged and the progression is quite engaging. He even throws in some DJ cuts in the mix that seamlessly blend properly.
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JayDottCee – “Eclipse”


JayDottCee ‘s “Eclipse” is a laidback warm piece ripe with lush textures and moody synths and the drums are punchy too. Well-crafted and perfect for an evening playlist to relax the mind.
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The Oth3rs – “Another 1440”


Production duo The Oth3rs share their sophomore single titled “Another 1440” which showcases their versatility. The texture is somber and reflective too. The layered approach sure makes it engaging too and it’s the perfect piece to just relax or use to study.
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Demba – “Daytime Moon”


Demba gives us a smooth relaxing vibe on his new release “Daytime Moon.” From warm basslines, engaging grooves, and a nostalgic flute arrangement, it’s quite solid from start to finish.



PseudoDada – “Summit”


“Summit” is the newest release from emerging producer PseudoDada who makes his entry on our list. He makes use of reversed sounds, laidback textures, and crisp drums on this one. Well-crafted and smooth.
“Summit” is taken from his Wayside EP
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RINZ. x Hoffy Beats – “Empty Streets”


RINZ. teams up with Hoffy Beats for a solid collaboration titled “Empty Streets” A reflective piece ripe with smooth and warm textures ripe with nostalgic elements. It’s quite alluring and soothing as well.
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Biiig Stretch – “Binge”


Biiig Stretch comes through on the clutch with some eclectic vibes on his new release titled “Binge.” The textures are layered and the downtempo drum arrangement sure works.



Mr. Freed – “Contrast & Shadows”

Austrian DJ/producer Mr. Freed makes his entry on our list this week with something new from his stash titled “Contrast & Shadows.” The track has a mellow guitar-driven texture, soft drums, and a somewhat relaxing vibe.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Finer Things”

DaMarcus VanBuren brings out the “Finer Things” on his new track, A nice fusion of warm and reflective vibes and alluring textures. It’s quite engaging and crisp as well.
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“STAR OCEAN: SINGULARITY” is the latest release from NICO.x3. A smooth and somber vibe with layered synths, moody pads, and mellow drums to match. Well-crafted and quite engaging.
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Ogi feel the Beat – “Smooth Flashbacks”

Ogi feel the Beat shares a new single “Smooth Flashbacks” from his forthcoming LP It’s a Culture. “Smooth Flashbacks” has a mellow and somewhat brooding vibe, the airy and atmospheric vibes are solid and work well with the punchy drums.





SHAME wraps up this week’s list with this soulful and bouncy beat titled “1 TO MALIBU.” He chopped up the silk samples nicely and flip them with punchy drums and some ethereal textures to complete the job.
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