Toronto/LA-based producer/DJ Mxu makes his comeback with an anthemic release titled “Represent Da Norf.” The instrumental is a dark, broody cinematic piece that blends East Asian vibes and the grittiness of modern trap.  He raises the ante with high caliber scratches on the chorus as well as reminding the listener of his OG status in Toronto’s rich hip-hop scene.

Toronto/LA-based producer mxu is an emerging force on the beatmaker scene. Through his lifelong pursuit of all things rap, mxu found his calling in the sounds of the South. Not only does he draw influence from the sounds of Houston, Memphis, Miami, and Atlanta when crafting his own unique style, he applies the original techniques used since the 80s/90s by the pioneers of the art form. He captures the original essence of Miami Bass, Memphis Underground, Bounce, and modern Trap through the same vintage hardware that left its indelible mark on the sound. Vintage samplers such as the SP-1200, S950, ASR10, and MPC set the soundstage, just as they did in prior decades for Mannie Fresh, DJ Screw, DJ Paul, and so many others. Combined with an unshakeable Toronto influence, the result is truly timeless.

His debut album Artisanal Trap is the first chapter in this series. After several years in development, while polishing the sound and honing his authentic techniques, the ultimate product is finally complete. Available now for streaming through all platforms, and free download.

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