Nashville native Justin Hamilton delivers his first leak “Neon Smoke” which is off his upcoming project ‘Wasted Youth’. Neon Smoke sees Justin’s graphic story telling abilities come to life as he details the somewhat tragic timeline of a young lady. Backed by a broody, cinematic-esque backdrop, Neon Smoke hits the nerve and serves as a reminder to what could go wrong if care is not taken in this dangerous world of ours.

“Neon Smoke is the reflection of someone that was once very important to me. Life is different for everyone. We all have our own struggles and we choose to handle those struggles in different ways. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, and often we lose track of how our actions are going to affect us in the long run. Neon Smoke has something for everyone. We’ve all been lost in ourselves. “

Justin Hamilton Bio

Nashville native, Justin Hamilton creates the music that he loves. His moods and stories create a unique sound that could be classified as many different types of music, but he uses his voice to bring it all together. The 21 year old artist draws from all realms of life, and brings together lyrics that paint a vivid picture for the listener. Every song is a story, and every story is true. While the songs are packed with emotion, they are so often relatable. This helps to create an experience that is hard to come by. Fusing hip hop and other various genres, Justin Hamilton makes music for everyone.

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