Just in is this nifty app challenging users on their knowledge of Hip-Hop. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Just hit the link below and watch the demo to keep yourself in the know. As usual, I just got my copy and for a small fee of 99 cents you can upgrade to unlimited questions but if you decide not to the free version offers different levels of 10, 25 and 50 questions each  so you can keep yourself  busy.

The user interface is okay, not mind blowing but it works for all intents and purposes. It’s easy to navigate and you can also opt to play online or offline, challenge online players to a duel and all that jazz. It’s also available on both the android and IOS paltforms.

What can I say, test your knowledge and get with the movement.

Rapology is the brainchild of Brian Hamilton (owner of http://beatsandrhymes-online.com/)


Now available for iPhone and Android users is Rapology, a new, free trivia app offering thousands of original questions to test your knowledge of rap music and hip hop culture, spanning Old School, Golden Era and New School eras as well as East Coast, West Coast, Midwestern and Dirty South styles. High scores unlock Pop Quizzes and Final Exams where users can learn rare facts about their favorite artists and access exclusive content. With many artists set to regularly contribute to the Rapology platform, offering free album streams/downloads and more the first to be highlighted are Brooklyn beatsmith Marco Polo (click (here to watch an exlcusive Rapology interview with Marco and here to watch Marco play Rapology) and St. Louis battle rapper Ooops. Rapology is the brainchild of Brian Hamilton (Owner, Beats & Rhymes (searchforbeats.com), a licensing and music supervision company for tv & film and advertising agencies responsible for the Brooklyn Nets and NYCFC theme songs among others) and entrepreneur Scott Bruno. Rapology offers a multiplayer option for trivia battles and users can submit their own questions for possible inclusion in the game.

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