To be frank, I’m not sure how to go about putting my thoughts together, and it’s way too early in the new year for this. Husain Jean Ali also known as Ali Chaotik, a young MC/entrepreneur out here in Montreal was sadly taken from us a few days ago. The rapper was slowly building his rep in the city with his energetic live performances and deep conscious lyrics. Far from being overly preachy, he places emphasis on  real life situations which the listener can easily relate to over ear grabbing backdrops.

To be fair, I won’t say I’m a close friend of Ali Chaotik but we had the chance to work together on a Montreal musical project called MAAAAD Beats where he was the main vocalist. His passing is a huge loss to those in the Montreal music scene. My condolences to his family, sfriends and fans.

Check out his music here.

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