Congratulations to Camp Lo for having their debut album, Uptown Saturday Night, being a huge classic album for the masses, lasting for fifteen years! If you guys dont have this album in your possession, you guys are definitely missing out on what exactly got them started! The album sounds so refreshing from what we’ve been listening to in today’s time, with the samples taking you back to the 70’s when soul/funk/disco was very popular, and blaxploitation films were at the height of the revolution (check out the Uptown Saturday Night trailer)!

Camp Lo – Luchini (A.K.A. This Is It)
Camp Lo – Sparkle
Camp Lo – Black Nostaljack A.K.A. Come on

With long time collaborator Ski Beatz, they’ll be traveling all across the country performing the entire album from beginning to end with a few friends along the way! Tomorrow, they’ll be in Pittsburgh at the Shadow Lounge, so make sure you get on the funk and ride to the sounds of Sonny Cheeba & Geechi Suede!

Check back here later as more dates for the tour will be announced!

Thurs 12/6

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